• Lee Roy Parnell
    Katie has a great grasp creatively on who I am as an artist and helps emit my style, my taste, and my brand to the public.
    Lee Roy Parnell
    Award-Winning Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist at Nashville TN
  • Mark S. Berry
    Always a pleasure to deal with and the work quality was great.
    Mark S. Berry
    Chairman, The AMG Group at Toronto, Canada
  • Don Ross
    Katie does great work, informed by a talented eye and a terrific sense of design, in keeping with the artist's image and vision.
    Don Ross
    Award-Winning Guitarist at Toronto, Canada
  • Kafale Bandele
    I've hired Katie (more than once)... I was extremely pleased with the price, as well as the creative design and overall quality of the finished product. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking to manufacture CDs with great artwork.
    Kafale Bandele
    Vocalist, Producer, Composer, Trumpeter at NYC
  • Brooke Miller
    Wonderful ideas, beautiful execution, professional, punctual, and a lovely person.
    Brooke Miller
    Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist at Toronto, Canada
  • Joseph Wooten
    Take it from me... She's good!
    Joseph Wooten
    The Steve Miller Band, The Wooten Brothers, Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist at Nashville, TN
  • Davey O.
    I simply gave Katie my materials, a few suggestions, and let her do what she does best.
    Davey O.
    Singer, Songwriter at Buffalo, NY
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